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  1. 0 optical_disc Patroneo: urlparse().hostname does not return the exact hostname (by optical_disc)
  2. 1 lss fluajho. compiling error (by csg)
  3. 1 nils Agordejo: copy progress? (by milkii)
  4. 1 nils Agordejo: undo? (by milkii)
  5. 0 milkii Agordejo: keyboard action to toggle visibility? (by milkii)
  6. 2 milkii Agordejo; start a stopped app by double clicking on it (by milkii)
  7. 1 lss Patroneo: way to play one of the notes out the MIDI whilst stopped so as to preview the sound. (by milkii)
  8. 0 milkii No icon for ams (by milkii)
  9. 0 milkii Add seq66/qseq66 to launcher? (by milkii)
  10. 0 milkii Tray icon menu: submenu to toggle visibility of each app in session? (by milkii)
  11. 0 milkii Ability to Save (and not do anything else) from the notification tray icon menu? (by milkii)
  12. 1 nils Argodejo:add command line flag to not check for running JACK (by ventosus)
  13. 2 lss Eternal Issue (by laborejo)

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